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Theorem Honored to Be Selected as 2023 UK Digital Excellence Awards Finalist In ‘Best Use of Technology’ Category

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Published Date 16.01.2023

Theorem, a global, full-service digital marketing solutions company, is honored to be shortlisted in the ‘Best Use of Technology’ category in the 2023 UK Digital Excellence Awards. With over 20 years of expertise in the ad-ops business, Theorem strives to ensure that clients have accessibility to agile automation solutions that eliminate error margins, improve efficiency, enable scalability and ultimately drive increases in revenue at scale. 

As we move through an ever-changing digital landscape, consumers increasingly want their digital interactions with businesses to address their needs directly. Business leaders must ensure their digital presence is simple, fast, robust, and supports their customers more than ever before. However, with an increasing number of contact volumes and touchpoints, businesses need to focus on optimizing their services, solutions and infrastructure to be scalable, high-performing and secure in order to successfully meet and exceed customer needs within the ever-changing paradigm of their expectations. Enter Theorem’s industry first automation services.

Theorem’s new AdOps automation and order-to-cash (OTC) offerings are designed to help media and entertainment brands grow their revenue through a unique mix of human intelligence, machine learning, and automation technologies. Automating the order-to-cash (OTC) process is crucial for media companies and publishing agencies to streamline workflows, as the automation process can be implemented into monetized ad campaign cycles. 

Being shortlisted for the 2023 UK Digital Excellence Awards is a testament to Theorem’s dedication to digital innovation and bridging growing gaps in the market. Knowing that we are making a mark in the technology world on a global scale and improving accessibility to critical technology solutions is empowering. This recognition is a major milestone in our mission of providing future-ready digital marketing technology solutions built with client’s specific needs in mind and will further fuel our fire as we seek to continue transforming our client’s businesses through automation technology — from boosted ROI and cost savings, to greater efficiency and overall improved bottom line success. 

Theorem’s full-service, user-experience-driven digital marketing solutions are built on Software as a Service (SaaS) technology, which integrate seamlessly with back end legacy systems to allow the sharing of data and in order to provide an end-to-end, ‘always on’ service to the customer. This API, low-code solution offers future-ready digital marketing by scaling the landscape and combining expertise and automation to deliver an increase in efficiency and visibility over marketing workflows, resulting in more accurate reporting and increased customer loyalty for bottom line success. In fact, by automating processes associated with ad operations and ad trafficking, Theorem has been able to reduce manual labour by nearly 50% for clients, while creating a return on investment of around 50% and additional cost savings. 

Though technology can be seen as intimidating by some, we believe that embracing technology is the key to empowering business to thrive, grow, and succeed in the modern market, as it improves accuracy, efficiency, and scalability. Sometimes the hardest step is just getting started — and that’s what Theorem is here for. Working with an experienced, knowledgable partner like Theorem to create a custom plan best suited for your individual business is a guaranteed way to be prepared for the future and success in the long-term. We are dedicated to fully understanding our clients pain points, business needs and existing processes. This allows our teams to determine where and when automation can be implemented to streamline processes, increase productivity, while reducing error rates and manual time spent on repetitive operational tasks.

Founded in 2002, Theorem creates, delivers and optimizes digital marketing campaigns for some of the world’s most successful brands. By offering scaled technology, media, operations, marketing, CRM, and creative solutions under one roof, Theorem can provide flexible, full-service marketing solutions to their clients. Theorem’s consultancy teams and operational expertise helps brands simplify, streamline and automate complex digital tasks. This value exchange saves clients time, reduces their costs, and increases their revenue. For more information, visit or follow us on LinkedIn.

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